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  1. Key texts 1 item
    1. Discrete mathematics and its applications - Kenneth H. Rosen, Kamala Krithivasan 2013

      Book Key

  2. Recommended texts 4 items
    1. Discrete Mathematics with Applications - Susanna S. Epp 2011

      Book Recommended Alternative book. Covers many areas of the module.

    2. How to Think Like a Mathematician: A Companion to Undergraduate Mathematics - Kevin Houston 2009

      Book Recommended A good book on how to prove statements. Covers all aspects of the first topic (and has much more information)

    3. How to think like a mathematician: a companion to undergraduate mathematics - Kevin Houston 2009 (electronic book)

      Book Recommended Hard copy are available

    4. Proofs and fundamentals: a first course in abstract mathematics - Ethan D. Bloch c2011 (electronic book)

      Book Recommended A good book on principles of proof